Compass Cares

Because no one knows a community better than the agents and employees who serve it.



At Robust Real Estate, we approach real estate in a fresh and modern way while retaining the best traditions of a bygone era — communicating face to face, staying by your side through each step of the process to help guide you, exceeding every last expectation, and creating and maintaining relationships. We understand the profound effects of transactions, which is why we treat your hard-earned resources as if they were our own. Even if you love a house, we’ll be sure to mention the harder truths that may not align with your needs, so you can make an informed decision about your future. Our above-and-beyond, hands-on method is evident in the fact that we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. We’ll literally roll up our sleeves and physically do whatever it takes, as long as it brings us one step closer to your goals. Our team of expert agents utilizes our sweeping industry connections, unrivaled knowledge of local markets, and high-touch service to help homebuyers and sellers achieve their real estate dreams — and enjoy the journey home.

"With Compass Cares, our people will give their time and donations locally in ways that are personally meaningful to them — because no one knows a community better than the agents and employees who serve it."

Robert Reffkin
​​​​​​​Founder and CEO

Robert Reffkin Announces Compass Cares at ATM 2018

How Does It Work?

Compass Cares aims to contribute $10M in funds and skills-based volunteering to local organizations in 2019, with 100% of real estate transactions resulting in a donation to the community.

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We are a team of tenacious problem solvers operating with authenticity & integrity. Our creative process honors the potential of people & properties.

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